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Kritharion grece ordeolus qui in palpebris nascitur.


Kritharion (-riõ C) AC | Kritarion (-riõ B) B ef

nascitur (-it~ B f ) AC f | oritur e


Kritharion is Greek for Latin ordeolus {"stye"}, which grows in the eye-lashes.


Greek κριθάριον /krithárion/ is the diminutive of κριθή /krithḗ/ "barley corns, barley". A stye, the pus-filled cyst caused by an acute inflammation at the base of an eyelash, is compared to a barley corn. Latin hordeolum, "little barley {corn)", is a loan translation of κριθάριον /krithárion/.

WilfGunther 08/03/14

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