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Krithe grece ordeum krithinus ordeaceus.


Krithe AC f | Krite e | Kritte seu krithe B

B, e and f treat krithinus ordeaceus as a separate entry.

krithinus AC | Kirtin B | Kretin grece e | Krithin g͊ f


Krithe is Greek for Latin ordeum {"barley"}, and Greek krithinus means in Latin ordeaceus {"made of or from barley"}.


Greek κριθή /krithḗ/ means "barley corns, barley" and the adjective is κρίθινος /kríthinos/ "made of or from barley".

Botany and cultural history:

For further information cf. [[1]].

WilfGunther 19/04/13

For a different transcription of the word see Crithe; for Arabic see: Sair, Scahair, Scahar, Scheair, Xahair

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