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Lana aliquando pro auripigmento reperitur Galienus ad paternianum.


Lana ABC | Lanna (Lãna p) ejp | Larma f | lamna Alfabetum Galieni
paternianum | paternanum j | patrinianũ B


Lana is sometimes found as a synonym for auripigmentum {"yellow orpiment"}, according to the Liber Galieni ad Paternianum.


Simon alludes to the Alphabet of Galen, sometimes called Alfabetum Galieni ad Paternum/Paternianum/Paterninum, (2012: 150), 8) Auripigmentum et psilotrum, which starts:
Auripigmentum, quod aliqui arsenicum dicunt et alii lamna dicunt, naturale est - translated by Everett (2012: 151), as "Yellow orpiment. Yellow orpiment is a natural product which some call arsenic and others call lamna", and he states in a footnote "The meaning of lamna ('plate', blade, coin') is unattested elsewhere".

Latin lamna, also lamina or lammina is a "thin piece of metal, wood, marble, etc.; a plate, leaf, layer, lamina".

Latin auripigmentum is a compound of auri- {"gold"} + pigmentum {"pigment"}, referring to the golden-yellow colour.

psilotrum or psilothrum from Greek ψίλωθρον /psílōthron/ denotes a "depilatory".

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See Auripigmentum, Psilotrum

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