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Lanceolata vocatur plantago minor secundum Macrum.


secundum AC ef | sed {most likely: abbreviation s͞d - cf. Cappelli p. 347, 3rd col., [[1]] misinterpreted as 'sed'}.


Lanceolata is the name of plantago minor {lit. "lesser plantain"} according to Macer Floridus.


Simon is referring to Macer Floridus [[2]], De viribus herbarum, 6, 199-201, ed. Choulant (1832: 36) PLANTAGO:
199 Sunt geminae species, et maior prima vocatur,
200 Altera vero minor, quam vulgo lanceolatam {vvll. lanciolatam}
201 Dicunt, quod foliis (ut lancea) surgit acutis.

"There are two kinds of this herb; the first is called Plantago maior {lit. 'greater plantain'}, // But the second is called Plantago minor {lit. 'lesser plantain'}, which in folk language they call lanceolata {lit. 'shaped like a spear, i.e. tapering to each end'}, // Because the plant sprouts up with leaves pointed like a spear."

For further information see Plantago, Arnoglossa.

Wilf Gunther 11/12/2013

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