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Lehan arabice caro.


Lehan ABC efj | Lehau p (‘n’ misread as ‘u’)


Lehan is Arabic for Latin caro {"flesh, meat"}.


Wehr (1976): ﻟﺤﻢ /laḥm/ "flesh, meat".
The expected transcription would be *leham, but the change in the final consonant is either due to a simple misreading of ‘m’ as ‘n’ or due to the ambiguity of a spelling like *lehã.

A closer vocalisation to Simon's is found in the Vocabulista, a glossary/dictionary from the Spain of the end of XII or the beginning of XIII centuries: ed. Schiaparelli (1871: 172): ﻟﺤﻢ /laḥm or laḥam/ Caro, inpinguare [[1]], n.b. inpinguare “to make fat” is listed as well because /laḥm/ is also the infinitive to the root √lḥm; (1871: 283): CARO ﻟﺤﻢ /laḥm or laḥam/ [[2]].
Cf. also de Alcalá (1883: 141): carne enel animal que biue {i.e. “flesh in the living animal”} láham [[3]].

Cf. Corriente (1997: 477-8), s.v. *(LḤM) … > laḥ(a)m …< carne {“meat”}

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