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Leon grece leo leena ut nos.


leena ABC e | leona f {'e' misread as 'o'}

Ms. e: leena ut nos is wrongly added on to the end of the previous entry Lentopodion


Leon is Greek for Latin leo {"lion"} and Greek leena {"lioness"} is the same as we say.


Greek λέων /léōn/ "lion" was an early loan into Latin: leo - with the same meaning. A feminine form lea "lioness" had to compete with its Greek equivalent λέαινα /léaina/, which was loaned into Latin as leaena, the form Simon mentions. Leena shows the typical sound changes of late Greek αι > ε {/ai/ > /e/} and late Latin ae > e.

Zoological remarks:

Lions only died out in South-East Europe in historic times; in Greece it is thought that they were extinct by about 100 AD. In Palestine they survived until the Middle Ages, and in other parts of the Near East and North Africa their extinction date was as late as between the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries.

WilfGunther 12/12/13

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