Licanis stiphanica

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Licanis stiphanica folia habet longa, angusta, lanuginosa, subalbida, caulem cum ramis lanuginosis, in summo capite cauliculos e quibus flos violaceus prominet et cetera, liber antiquus istoriatus.


istoriatus AC | ystoriatus B e


Licanis stiphanica has long, narrow, hairy, whitish leaves, a stalk with hairy branches, and smaller stalks on the top, from which a violet flower emerges and so on, old illustrated book.


This chapter is dedicated to the rose campion (Lychnis coronaria).

It is a quotation from the anonymous treatise on herbal plants called "De herbis femininis" : 67, ed. Kästner (1896: 635): Lichnis stephanomatica.

Simon calls it liber antiquus istoriatus ("the antique illustrated book"): in fact, the manuscripts of this treatise are illustrated with figures of plants.

The Latin name of the plant comes from the Greek λυχνὶς στεφανωματική /lykhnís stephanōmatiké/.

--Marie Cronier 14:29, 29 March 2012 (BST)

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