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Lienalis pariclimenos et matrisilva idem ut infra in peri.


Lienalis ABC e | ienalis f {Ms. f has collapsed the previous entry Lien with this entry: Liernalis – written as "ienalis” by f – into one entry: Lien .i. splen ienalis …...}

pariclimenos AC | pericleminos ef | peridĩeros B {'cl' misread as 'd', 'n' misread as 'r'}

ut om. f


Lienalis, paricleminos and matrisilva are all names of the same plant, as explained below in the entry Periclimenos.


lienalis {sc. herba} < lien Latin for "spleen”, i.e. "spleen herb, herb good for spleen complaints".

For further information see Periclimenos, Matrisilva.

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