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Lienteria grece fluxus ventris in quo emittitur cibus indigestus sicut sumitur et cetera.


Lienteria | Lientheria f
emittitur | ẽitit~ B
et cetera add. AC
Ms. f adds on the next entry: lienteriodes liẽtericus


Lienteria is the Greek word for a loose belly where undigested food is evacuated unchanged as it was consumed et cetera.


Greek λειεντερία /leientería/, a word already found in the Hippocratic corpus, is a compound noun consisting of λεῖος (/leîos/ {"smooth"} + ἔντερον /énteron/ {"intestine"}. The word was adopted into Latin as lienteria and can be found e.g. in Celsus, Theodorus Priscianus and Isidore of Seville.

The word has survived into modern medical terminology as lientery with virtually the same definition that Simon offers.

WilfGunther 15/12/13

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