Lithos ematides

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Lithos ematides lapis sanguineus nam ema sanguis et dicitur vel quia eius fricatura super cotem colorem sanguineum reddit vel quod ad omnem fluorem sanguinis remedium prestet.


ematides AC | emathitos e | ematites sonat grece B | emathites sonat grece f

quia eius e | quia (quia C) eius AC f | quod eius B

colorem sanguineuʒ C | colorẽ sanguineũ (sãg- BC) ABC | sanguineum colorem f


Lithos ematides is Greek for Latin lapis sanguineus {"blood-like stone"}, because Greek ema is in Latin sanguis {"blood"}, and it is given that name either because rubbing it over a whet stone brings out a blood-red colour or because it is a good remedy for {staunching} any blood-flow.


For further information see: Ema, Ematites, Lithos, Lapis emathites, Sendenigi, Scedenegi

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