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Luxaton in libris antiquis est membrorum conquassatio.


Luxatio e | Luxacio f | Luxaton ACD | Luxacon B {see commentary below}

conquassatio ACD | conquassatio e | conquassacio f | cumquassatio B |


Luxatio is the word used in old books for the bruising, shattering, dislocating of limbs.


Luxatio and luxatura are indeed the usual words used by the antique authors for dislocation, other terms used at the time are e.g. ejectio (articuli), stremma, laxus and luxus.

Luxatio being misread as luxaton has an obvious explanation: often the ending –tio was abbreviated as –, luxatio being written luxatō. On the other hand word-final –m or –n could be written with tilde, -tom/-ton being written -. At some stage some copyist must have misread luxatō as luxatõ, leading to the non-existent luxaton. However the copyists of mss. e and f wrote down the correct form.

Wilf Gunther 16/12/13

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