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Magmata secundum Plinium vocant greci feces unguentorum.


Magmata AC ef | Maginata B {'m' misread as 'in'}

vocant (-cãt AC) greci AC f | uocãt greci B | vocat grecus e

vnguentorum A | ũguentorum B | vnguẽtorum C | vngentorũ f | vngentorũ e


Magmata, according to Pliny, is what the Greeks call the dregs of unguents.


Greek μάγμα /mágma/, pl. μάγματα /magmata/ means "kneaded mass, thick unguent, goo", and it is related to μάσσω /mássō/ "to knead".

Simon is alluding to Pliny, 13, 3, 19, ed. Rackham (1938-63: IV.108), where Pliny speaks of diapasmata, i.e. sprinkling powders, and in this context he mentions: nam faecem unguenti magma appellant – "and they call the dregs of unguents magma".

WilfGunther 28/07/13

For further information see Diaplasmata.

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