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Malandrum Plinius est herba nascens in segete ac pratis flore albo odorata et cetera.


segete ABC ej | segetibus f | sege p
ac | aut p
et cetera om. ef


Malandrum according to Pliny is a herb that grows in cornfields and meadows; it has a white flower and it is scented, etc.

Commentary and botanical identification:

Simon here quotes Pliny, 26, 40, ed. W.H.S. Jones (1938-63: VII.292-4), where the plant is called malundrum. Simon's form is perhaps contaminated with late Latin malandria "blisters, pustules", possibly because of a perceived virtue of this herb, although Pliny only mentions that it helps with liver problems. The word is nowhere else documented except in Pliny and its botanical identification is uncertain.

WilfGunther (talk) 19/12/2013

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