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Metallon grece metallum.


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Metallon is Greek for Latin metallum {"quarry, mine"}.


μέταλλον /métallon/, adopted into Latin as metallum, originally meant "mine or quarry", mainly of gold, silver, iron or stone, and later the meaning extended to the substances obtained from mining or by quarrying, e.g. marble. By the time of Isidore of Seville's Etymologiae the meaning of metallum was closer to the modern definition. Isidore says, 16 (De laipidibus et metallis "Of stones and metals"), chapter xvii: Septem sunt autem genera metallorum: aurum, argentum, aes, electrum, stagnum, plumbum et quod domat omnia ferrum - "There are seven kinds of metals: gold, silver, copper, electrum {q.v.}, tin, lead, and what surpasses all: iron".

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