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Miagros Plinius est herba ferulacea est foliis similis rubee tripedanea semen oleosum ex quo fit oleum et cetera.


Whole entry missing in f.
ferulacea | fenulacea j {interference from fenic'lum}
{ferulacea} est (ē p) AC ep | cum j | om. B
similis | sili’bus j
tripedanea | tripudanea ms. e
rubee AC j | rubie B ep
oleosum | oleosiũ p
oleum | olleũ B
et cetera om. ejp


Miagros, Pliny says, is a herb resembling ferula {Ferula, "fennel-giant"}, it is similar in its leaves to rubea {Rubia, "madder"}, three feet high, and its seed is oily, and indeed an oil is made from it, et cetera.


This is a near-verbatim quote from Pliny, 27, 81, 106, ed. W.H.S. Jones (1938-63: VII.454).

The plant is also mentioned by Dioscorides.

For further information see Miagron.

WilfGunther (talk) 14:47, 9 October 2015 (BST)

See also: Ferula, Rubia

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