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Mira grece redolentia odorifera ut unguenta mirizo redoleo.


Mira ABCD | Mirra ef

mirizo ABCD f | mirtio e {-tio was most likely pronounced –tsio, i.e. /mirtsio/}.

{redoleo} inde add. f connecting this entry with the next: Miracopum.


In Greek mira are sweet-smelling and odoriferous oils, unguents or perfumes the same as Latin unguenta. Greek mirizo means "I anoint".


Greek μύρον /mýrοn/, pl. μύρa /mýra/ "sweet oil, unguent, perfume", and

μυρίζω /myrízō/ "to rub with ointment or unguent, anoint". Med. "anoint oneself" II. Pass. τινί "be fragrant with" (LSJ).

Simon's transcription reflects a late Greek pronunciation where 'υ' changed to 'ι', or /y/ > /i/, resulting in /míra/ and /mirízo/.

WilfGunther 28/03/2014

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