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''Link title''Nardileum grece oleum nardinum.


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Nardileum is Greek for Latin oleum nardinum {"nard oil/salve"}.


ναρδέλαιον /nardélaion/ is a compound noun consisting of ναρδ- {"nard"} + ἔλαιον /élaion/ {("olive) oil"}. The word is not mentioned in LSJ or Sophocles, but in John the Physician [[1]]; its late Greek pronunciation is /nardéleon/, the expected transcription by Simon would be *nardeleon or *nardeleum. Perhaps the change from 'e' to 'i' in narde- is influenced by nardi, the genitival form of nardus.

For further information see Oleum nardinum, Nardus.

Wilf Gunther 27/12/2013

nardileon is also found in Latham and in Alphita ed. García González

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