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Nautia grece nausia.


Nautia ABC | Naucia ef {'t' misread as 'c'}

nausea AC f | nausea nauria gř. nausia B | nasia e


Nautia is Greek for Latin nausia {"seasickness; nausea"}.


Latin nausea or nausia was an early loan – e.g. already found in Cato's De agricultura - from Greek ναυσία /nausía/, a variant of ναυτία /nautía/ meaning originally "seasickness" but then taking on the meaning of "nausea" and figuratively "disgust". Although Greek has both /nautía/ as well as /nausía/, Simon is right to call nautia "more" Greek, because this variant was never adopted into Latin, whereas all of Simon's readers would be perfectly familiar with nausea/nausia.

WilfGunther 27/12/2013

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