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Nenuche vel nenucha pro ameos invenitur sed apud Avicennam nanachue scribitur.


Nenuche AC e | Nemiche B | Nenuche̅ or -chc͊ f

nenucha AC f | nẽicha B | nenucha or nemicha ms. e

nanachue B ef | manachue AC {'n' misread as 'm'}


Nenuche or nenucha is found instead of ameos, but in Avicenna it is written manachue.


Siggel (1950: 70): ﻧﺎﻧﺠﻮﺍﻩ /nānḫ[aw]āh/ Wz. und S.v. Sison amomum L. (Umb.); … Ammi majus (Umb.) {i.e. "root and stem of S. amomum L. (Umb.); … Ammi majus (Umb.)"}

The Arabic original: ﻧﺎﻧﺠﻮﺍﻩ /nānḫawāh/ can be found p. 216 [[1]].

Simon is alluding to [Goehl] Avicenna's Canon, Liber secundus, Capitulum 61. De ameos {followed by: id est ammi {ameos annotation: nanachua seu nanachue}. Ameos quid est? In ipso est amaritudo pauca et acuitas - "What is Ameos? In it there is little bitterness and sharpness." This text is also available online in the Lyon edition [[2]], p. 76.

See also: Ameos, Nanachue

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