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Neuron grece nervus neura nervi.


{nervus} et add. f


Neuron is Greek for Latin nervus {"sinew, tendon, nerve"}, the plural is neura, in Latin nervi.


The Greek word νεῦρον /neûron/ covers a wide range of meanings. It is glossed by LSJ as "sinew, tendon, nerve"; (transf.) "membrum virile; a string on a musical instrument; a bowstring, a bow; a thong; a fetter". The plural is νεῦρα /neûra/.

Most likely these words were pronounced /nevron, nevra/ in Simon's time, a sound change that had occurred in Greek already in the late Roman and early Byzantine periods. It would not be reflected in Simon's spelling since 'u' and 'v' were not yet distinguished in writing.

Wilf Gunther 30/12/13

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