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Oleander apud Dyascoridem dicitur nereo et rododendron et rododaphnis: dicitur ut supra in ne.


nereo B ef | neceo AC {'r' misread as 'c'}

rododendron (-dẽ- A) AC | rododẽdron /et rodofrinis/ f | rodondendron e | rodẽdrö B

rododaphnis AC | -dafnis ef | -dafuis B {'n' misread as 'u' or printing error}

dicitur ut (vt A) supra AB | dicitur vt supra C | dicit~ supra e | dicunt ut f


Oleander, in Dyascorides it is called nereo and rododendron and rododaphnis, as mentioned under Nereo above.


Cf. Greek νήριον /nḗrion/, ῥοδόδενδρον /rhodódendron/, ῥοδοδάφνη /rhododáphnē/ "oleander, Nerium oleander L.",

For further information see Nereo.

Wilf Gunther 01/01/14

See also: Defle, Rhodafni

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