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Oleum proprie sumpto vocabulo est omne oleum cuiuscumque sit rei olivum proprie olivarum sic et arabes dehen vocant omne oleum, zait vero olivarum tantum nos autem communi usu oleum pro olivo et aliorum accipimus.


proprie AC ef | proprio B jp
sumpto AC | sumptum B efp | sũptis j
vocabulo | vocabuluʒ j
est om. AC
sit om. ms. e
olivum | Oleũ ms. e
sic et AC fjp | sicut et ms. e | sic B
zait B efjp | zaic AC {'t' misread as 'c'}
tantum - all witnesses use the abbreviation tm̃ which can also be read tamen.
olivo | oliuis f
accipimus | accepimus B e


Oleum, the word taken on its own, means any oil from whatever plant or other substance, and olivum means oil especially from olives, just like the Arabs say similarly dehen, meaning any oil(s), but zait is only olive oil; but with us in popular usage the word oleum is also used instead of olivum {"olive oil"} and for other oils as well.


Wehr (1976): ﺩﻫﻦ /duhn/, possibly a plural form: ﺩﻫﺎﻥ /dihān/ "oil (edible, lubricating, for the skin); fat, grease". Siggel (1950: 35): ﺩﻫﻦ /duhn/ "1) Öl; 2) Auszug aus e. Pflanzenteil od. e. sonstigen Substanz, Extract, Saft" {i.e. "1) oil; 2) extraction from a part of a plant or any other substance; extract, juice"}.

Wehr (1976): ﺯﻳﺖ /zait/ "oil (edible, fuel, motor oil, etc.)". Siggel (1950: 40): ﺯﻳﺖ /zait/ "Öl v. Olea europaea, Olivenöl" {i.e. "olive oil"}.

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See also Dehen, Zahit

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