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Onobrosi. Dy.: Folia habet lenticule similia et minora, asta duobus palmis longa, florem feniceum habet. Cuius radix minor est. Nascitur locis humidis et cultis.


asta ABC | astam e

duobus ABC | duabus e

longa AC | lunga B | longam e

feniceum AC | fenicinum B e

cuius radix AC | radix eius B e


Onobrosi (cock's head). Dioscorides : "It has leaves similar to those of lentil but smaller, its stem is two palms long, it has a scarlet flower. Its root is smaller. It grows in wet and cultivated grounds."


This plant is Cock's head (Onobrychis caput-galli).

This is a quotation of translation-C of Dioscorides, ed. Stadler, 3, 163 (1899: 443), de onobrosis).

Original Greek chapter by Dioscorides: ὀνοβρυχίς /onobrychís/ (3, 153, ed. Wellmann, 1906-14: II.160-1).

--Marie Cronier 14:57, 29 March 2012 (BST)

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