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Osatis Macer osatis a grecis est vulgo gaisdo vocata non modicum questum prebens tinctoribus herba.


osatis ABC fjp | satis ms. e
gaisdo AC fjp | gaysdo B | grusco e
herba ABC fp | herba utilis ms. e | herbaseuʒ j {ms. j has collapsed the last word of this entry with the headword of the next entry Oseum of which the text is seamlessly added on.


The herb is called osatis by the Greeks, and in everyday language gaisdo. It provides the cloth dyers with an enormous profit.


This is a verbatim quote from Macer Floridus, cf. ed. Choulant (1832: 101) [[1]]: Verses
1766: Isatis a Graecis est vulgo Gaisdo vocata,
1767: Non modicum quaestum praebens tinctoribus herba.

Simon's form osatis is puzzling since the Greek word for woad is ἰσάτις /isátis/. However Choulant mentions in his apparatus criticus two early editions that have usatis. Simon must have had a similar source from which he took his form osatis. Perhaps he did not see isatis and osatis as the same plant, since he has extra entries for isatis and osatis but without any cross-referencing.

WilfGunther 02/12/2013

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