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Oticen greci dicunt medicinam auricularem Cassius felix capitulo de egritudinibus aurium.


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Otice is what the Greeks call medicine for the ears according to Cassius Felix in his chapter De egritudinibus aurium {"On the diseases of the ears"}.


Greek ὠτικός /ōtikós/ is an adjective meaning "of or for the ear". Simon uses the Greek accusative form Oticen < ὠτικήν /ōtikḗn/ of the fem.sg. ὠτική /ōtikḗ/ {sc. ἴασις /íasis/ or θεραπεία /therapeía/ {"remedy"}, because it is the object of the phrase greci dicunt ... "the Greeks call it ...".

Simon is referring to Cassius Felix, De medicina, 27, 14, ed. Fraisse (2001: 56) Ad aurium dolorem {"On ear pain"}: Alia auricularis sive ut Graeci otice adversus dolores et ulcera et veteres aurium passiones – "{Here is} Another treatment for the ears, or as the Greeks call it: otice, {that helps} against the pains and ulcers as well as the chronic ailments of the ears".

Wilf Gunther 04/01/14

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