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Parachisis grece diffusio humorum per totum corpus Cassius felix capitulo de ydropisi.


Parachisis ABC ef | parecchysis Cassius Felix

diffusio AC ef | difusio B

ydropisi AC ef | ydropesi B


The Greek word parachisis describes the diffusion of the humours through the whole body, according to Cassius Felix, in the chapter "On dropsy".


Simon refers to Cassius Felix, De medicina, 76, ed. Fraisse (2001: 202-9). Ad hydropicos {"For those with dropsy"}, 76, 12, ed. Fraisse (2001: 208): Epithima Filagrii conveniens hydropicis ad diffusiones humoris per totum corpus, quas parecchysis dicunt – "The 'external application by Philagrius' suitable for those with dropsy for the diffusions of humour through the whole body, which the Greeks call parachisis".

Greek παρέκχυσις /parékkhysis/ "effusion" < παρεκχέω /parekkhéō/ "pour out by degrees".

Wilf Gunther 13/08/13

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