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Paragoriticon dicit grecus mitigatorium.


Paragoroticõ AC | Paragoriticon (-icõ B) B e

grecus AC | grece e | gre. B


Paragoriticon a Greek word standing for Latin mitigatorium {"consoling; soothing"}.


παρηγορητικός /parēgorētikós/ = παρηγορικός /parēgorikós/ means "encouraging, consoling; soothing" (LSJ) < παρηγορέω /parēgoréō/ "to address, exhort, advise; console, comfort; assuage, soothe".

In Simon's form Paragoriticon, which is the neuter form of the adjective, i.e. παρηγορητικόν /parēgorētikón/, the initial element parē- was replaced by the uncontracted form of the prefix: para-. Furthermore η {= /ē/} in the final element -γορητικός /-gorētikós/ is pronounced in the itacist way as /i/.

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