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Paratella vocatur lapatium, Macer Herba solet lapati vulgo paratella vocari.


Paratella | Paratela B

vocatur | di~ f

lapatiuʒ (-ũ C p) AC jp | lapaciũ B ef

Macer om. f

lapati AC fp | lapaci ej | lapatii B

paratella | paratela B

{vocari} etc. add. j


Paratella is a name for lapatium, cf. Macer {who says}: The herb lapatium is usually called paratella by the common people.


After introducing the synonymy: paratella is the same as lapatium, Simon quotes from Macer Floridus de viribus herbarum, 63, ed. Choulant (1832: 111) Paratella verse 1993: Herba solet Lapathi vulgo Paratella vocari".

The short quote from Macer is also repeated at the end of the entry Lapatium.

Choulant, the editor of Macer Floridus, mentions in his apparatus the following vv.ll. for paratella: panatella, paretella; pericella; parella; and he notes: parelle dicitur haec herba sermone vulgari Francogallico – {i.e. "this herb is called parelle in French"} [[1]].

Both Gamillscheg (1997: v.i). and Dauzat, p. 534, list parelle, and state that the word is mainly used in the West of France and both derive it from a medieval Latin paratella.

The etymology of this word is somewhat unclear. In some glossaries a plant name parada appears, of which paradella could be a diminutive, cf. André (1956: 238), s.v. parada. And Gamillscheg (1997: II.680), s.v. parelle maintains: "es geht auf ein gallorom. *paratella u. H. {= unbekannter Herkunft} zurück" {i.e. it goes back to a Gallo-Roman paratella of unknown origin}.

Botanical identification:

Although paratella/ paradella etc. can sometimes be used for a different plant, Macer’s stament of synonymy between lapatium and paratella clearly point any identification attempt for Simon’s entry to the genus Rumex, i.e. "docks" and "sorrels" [[2]]. However when entering the field of species attribution the different authors disagree remarkably.

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