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Peridexios grece ambidexter equimanus et cetera.


Peridexios AC | Peredexios e | Peridixios B | Perideios f

ambidexter AC | -dexter e f | -dester B

et cetera om. B e f


Peridexios is the Greek for Latin ambidexter or equimanus {both meaning "equally skilled with both hands"), et cetera.


περιδέξιος /peridéxios/ "with two right hands, i.e. ambidextrous" and figuratively "very dextrous or expert" is a compound adjective made up of δεξιός /dexios/ "on the right hand side; fortunate" + περι /peri/; however, περι /peri/ with the meaning of αμφι /amphi/ "doubleness" is only found in this compound. For the usual meaning of περι /peri/ see Peri.

See also: Ambidester

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