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Piesmatos grece expressio Cassius felix capitulo de pruritu.


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Greek piesmatos is in Latin expressio {"a pressing out"}; cf. Cassius Felix in his chapter: De pruritu {"On itching"}.


Greek πιέσμα /piésma/ means "anything pressed; pulpy mess left after pressing; juice pressed out" (LSJ). Simon's piesmatos is the Greek genitive πιέσματος /piésmatos/, the usual case for ingredients that are being listed, i.e. {take} of this substance, of that substance, etc.

Simon is referring to Cassius Felix, De medicina, 16, 2, ed. Fraisse (2001: 28-9). Ad pruriginem {"On itching"}, where Cassius offers a remedy containing four ingredients to stop pruritus totius corporis - "itching affecting the whole body". One of the ingredients is myrobalani piesmatos id est expressionis, "{sc. take} of the piesma of myrobalanus, that means of the pressed out juice of myrobalanus {'behen-nut'}".

WilfGunther (talk) 10/12/2012

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