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Pladrosin vocant greci stomaticam passionem scilicet reumatismum Cassius felix.


Pladrosin ABC e | Pladrosiʒ f | pladarosin Cassius Felix

greci (gre- e) AC e | gŕ. B | greca f

stomaticam (-cã ef) C ef | stõaticã A | stõacã B | Stomachicam Cassius Felix

.s. reumatismuʒ e | .s. reũatismũ A | .s. reumatis͡m f | .s. reumatissimum C | reumatissmũ eius B


Pladrosin is what the Greeks call a stomach disease, that is to say a reumatismum {"discharge or flux"} according to Cassius Felix.


πλαδάρωσις /pladárōsis/, accusative πλαδάρωσιν /pladárōsin/, means "becoming 'splashy', of the stomach" < πλαδαρόομαι /pladaróomai/ Pass. "to become soft and flabby".

Simon's entry alludes to Cassius Felix, De medicina, 42, 1, ed. Fraisse (2001: 108) Ad stomachi passiones {"On stomach diseases"}:

Stomachicam passionem veteres reumatismum stomachi dicunt sive humectationem, quam pladarosin vocant - "Our forefathers called a stomach disease a flux or watering of the stomach, which they call pladarosis".

Wilf Gunther 10/01/14

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