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Platy grece latum.


Platy AC | Platya ms. e | Platia (Platia p) B jp | Pitaya f
{latum} g’ {= grece} add. j
{latum} ms. p attempts to write πλατύς /platýs/? in Greek script.


Platy is Greek for Latin latum {"broad"}.


The neuter form πλατύ /platý/ of the Greek adjective, masculine: πλατύς /platýs/, "wide, broad; level, flat" is used by witnesses AC, the feminine form πλατεῖα /plateîa/ by the other witnesses. In Simon's time Greek υ {= /y/} and ει {= /ei/} were both pronounced /i/, so these words were phonetically /platí/ and /platía/, which is probably what Simon was intended to transcribe.

WilfGunther (talk) 10/01/2014

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