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Plegi vel pligi grece plaga vulnus plege plage vulnera.


vulnera om. B e

plage vulnera om. f


Plegi or pligi are Greek for Latin plaga {"a blow which wounds or injures"} or vulnus {"a wound"}; and the plural of these is in Greek plege amd in Latin plage or vulnera.


πληγή /plēgḗ/ "a blow, stroke" > Itacist /pligí/ > Simon pligi; plural πληγαί /plēgaí/ > itacist > /pligé/ > Simon's expected transcription *plige.

Simon's forms are a strange mixture of a purely itacist form, pligi, a purely Latinate form, plege, and what appears to be a mixed form, plegi.

For a possible explanation of Simon's forms see Discussion.

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