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Pneo grece flo spiro. Pnen alare spirare


Pnen alare spirare om. AC

B has only one single entry: Pneo gŕ. flo spiro pnẽ al’re spirare grece

Mss. e and f rubricate Pneo as well as Pnen like two separate entries.

Pnen e | Pnem f | pnẽ B

alare ms. e | allare f | al’re B

{spirare} grece add. B


Pneo is Greek for Latin flo {"to blow"} and spiro {"to breathe"}. Pnen is in Latin alare or spirare {both meaning "to breathe”}.


Greek πνέω /pnéō/ or πνέιω /pnéiō/ is 1st sg. pres. indic. act. of "to blow (of wind, air)" but also "to breathe"; and πνεῖν /pneîn/ is inf. pres. act. of the same verb.

Latin flare means "to blow" and (h)alare and spirare {"to breathe; exhale"}.

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