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Poma grece potus potio pomata vero potiones.


Ms. e has curtailed this entry after potio and added on dromelito aut pomelitos aut ydroto. This text is from the entry Pomelitos which reads: Pomelitos Pau. ca. de peripleumonia (y)dromelito(s) aut pomelitos aut ydro(sa)to (et cetera) here with the missed items bracketed.

Ms. f splits this entry in two, the second entry being Pomata uo pociones

{potus} uel add. e

potio ABC e | pocio f

potiones (-tiões AC) ABC | pociones f


Poma is Greek for Latin potus, potio, {"drink, potion"}, and pomata is in Latin potiones {"drinks, potions"}.


Greek πῶμα /pôma/ or πóμα /póma/ means "drink, draught", and πώματα /pṓmata/, πóματα /pómata/ is the plural.

Wilf Gunther 12/05/2014

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