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Prassium grece marrubium album prassium.


Prassium (-uʒ C;-ũ A e) ABC e | Prasion f

marrubium (-ũ A) AC | marubiũ B ef

{album} prassium om. B


Prassium is Greek for Latin marrubium album {"white horehound"} also called {adopted from Greek} prassium.

Commentary and botanical identification:

Greek πράσιον /prásion/, adopted into Latin as prasion/prasium, is identified in LSJ with several plants: Marrubium vulgare L. "white horehound" [[1]] with a near pan-European distribution is the most widely accepted botanical identification; or M. peregrinum L. "branched horehound" [[2]], [[3]], a plant of South-Eastern Europe; Thymus Teucrioides Boiss. & Spruner "goat’s marjoram” [[4]], [[5]] from the mountains of Greece and Albania; and the near pan-European Ballota nigra L. "black horehound" [[6]]. Apart from these the name also appears to denote a sea-weed in Aristotle’s Historia Animalium.

WilfGunther 13/01/14

See also: Marubium, Faraxion, Filoflores

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