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Procon quidam bdellium vocant alii malacon alii maldacon Plinius.


Procon AC f | Precon B e | brochon Pliny

bdellium (-ũ ef) AC ef | bdeliũ B

malacon alii maldacon B ef | maldacõ AC | malacham alii maldacon Pliny

{Plinius} & cetˇ add. B


Some people call bdellium by the name Procon, others say malacon and others maldacon according to Pliny.


Simon is referring to Pliny, 12, 19, 35, ed. Rackham (1938-63: IV.24), but the passage is quoted in full at the beginning of Bdellium q.v.

For further information see Bdellium.

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