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Psimithion grece quod sepe corruptum invenitur nunc psimitim nunc psimitium est cerusa plumbi.


Psimithion ABC e | Psinnchion? or Psimichion? f

grece quod sepe om. f

corruptũ AC | corrupte e | corupte B | cor-te f

nunc psimitiʒ nunc psimitium (-itiũ A) AC | nũc psimitĩ nũc psimitiõ nũc psimitũ B | nũc Simithium nũc simiciũ nũc psimicũ et ms. e | nũc psimtiu psimtiũ f

cerusa AC ef | ceruxa B


Psimithion is Greek, a word which is often found in a corrupted form, sometimes psimitim sometimes psimitium, it is in Latin cerusa plumbi {"white lead"}.


The Greek word for "white lead" appears in a number of variant forms: ψιμύθιον /psimýthion/, ψιμμύθιον /psimmýthion/, in later Greek ψιμίθιον /psimíthion/, ψίμυθος /psímythos/, etc. It is generally agreed to be a loan word and some people suspect Egyptian origin, but this is pure conjecture.

WilfGunther 16/01/14

For further information see Cerusa.

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