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Psomion et psomos grece bucella panis.


Psomion | Psomon f
et psomos om. f
et | uel ms. e
bucella | bucela B


Psomion and psomos are Greek meaning 'a morsel of bread'.


Psomion, psomos:
Greek ψωμίον /psōmíon/ is the diminutive of ψωμός /psōmós/ "morsel, bit".

is the diminutive of bucca "mouth", literally meaning "a little mouth {sc. -ful}" The word occurs in the work of the poet Martial and also several times in the Vulgate translation, e.g. Genesis 18,5: ponam buccellam panis et confortate cor vestrum "I shall get a mouthful of bread and you comfort your heart {i.e. refresh yourselves}".

WilfGunther (talk) 16/01/2014

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