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Ptelea grece ulmus Stephanus ptelea derdarum arbor cimicum dirdar apud Avicennam.


Ptelea B ef | Ptella AC {'e' misread as 'l'}

ptelea derdarum (derdanũ e) B e | ptella derdarum AC | dardanũ f

dirdar ABC e | didar f


Ptelea is Greek for Latin ulmus {"elm"}. Stephanus gives ptelea the name derdarum, and it is called arbor cimicum {(lit.) "bugs tree"}, and dirdar in Avicenna.

Commentary and botanical identification:

Greek πτελέα /pteléa/ is generally identified as the "common elm", Ulmus glabra Huds. [[1]]

In his Breviarium Stephanus says: Ptelea... dardarũ. ie culicũ arbor [[2]]

For further information see Dirdar, Arbor cimicum.

Wilf Gunther 16/01/14

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