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Pyros grece rubicundus.


B writes Piros (1) and (2) as one single entry
Pyros AC | Piros B | Pirros ep | Pyreos f | Pyrrus j
{rubicundus} g’ {= grece} add. j
{rubicundus} ms. p adds an attempt to write πυῤῥός /pyrrhós/ in Greek script


Pyros is Greek for Latin rubicundus {"red, ruddy"}.


Greek πυῤῥός /pyrrhós/ "flame-coloured, yellowish-red".

Greek "Υ/υ" had changed to /i/, i.e. /y/ > /i/, and double consonants were no longer distinguished in later Greek, this is why to Simon as well as to the Greeks of the time πυῤῥός /pyrrhós/ {= Pyros (1)} "red" and πυρός /pyrós/ {Pyros (2)} "wheat" were homophones, both pronounced /pirós/.

WilfGunther (talk) 09/01/2014

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