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Pyros grece frumentum triticum et sitos etiam.


B writes Piros (1) and (2) in one entry
Pyros AC p | Piros (piros B) B efj
frumentum triticum | t. f. ms. j
{triticum} dicitur add. B efj
sitos AC fp | ficos B {“long s” misread as ‘f’; ‘t’ misread as ‘c’} | scitos ms. e | sicoõ j
{sitos} etiam | eciam f | etcetera ms. e
(dicitur B efj) et sitos etiam | eciam dicitur sitos f


Pyros is Greek for Latin frumentum triticum {"wheat grain"} and another Greek word for it is sitos.


Greek πυρός /pyrós/ means "(a grain of) wheat", and σĩτος /sîtos/ "wheat, corn, grain" (LSJ). For further remarks on the pronunciation etc. see commentary in Pyros (1).

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