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Pyxos grece buxus.


Pyxos ACD ef | Pixor B {'s' misread as 'r'}


Pyxos is Greek for Latin buxus {"box plant"}.


πύξος /pýxos/ "common box {tree}; box-wood".

πύξος /pýxos/ and Latin buxus are either derived from a common unknown source language or buxus is an early loan from Greek. English "box" is ultimately connected with buxus.

Box wood is very hard and has long been used for wood products that require strength, e.g. tools and handles, but also for aesthetic reasons, e.g. for boxes and cabinet making.

Botanical identification:

Most authors agree that it is Buxus sempervirens L.; the "common box" [[1]]. It is an evergreen shrub or small tree with a wide distribution in western and southern Europe, the northern Mediterranean region, northwest Africa and parts of western Asia with some local subspecies.

Wilf Gunther 09/01/14

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