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Querasfum pro kersf quod est apium et alibi querasferum idem scripsit.


Whole entry om. f

Querasfum ABCD | Querassum e {'long s'+f = ſf misread as 'ss' = ſſ}

kersf ACD e | kerf B

alii ACD | alibi B e

querasferum ACD | querastrum B e

scribit C | scripsit AD e | om. B


Querasfum is what {the previously mentioned} Stephanus writes for Arabic kersf, which is in Latin apium {"celery"} and the same also writes querasferum in some places.


Wehr (1976): ﻛﺮﻓﺱ /karafs/ "celery (Apium graveolens L.; bot.)".

'Ou, qu' is to be pronounced /k/, i.e. /kerasf(er)um/. Cf. Q littera.

See also: Karfi

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