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Ranula et ranunculus vocatur augmentatio carnea sub lingua cum gravedine et fluore salivarum quasi in radice lingue ut alia lingua oriri videatur.


vocatur (uo- B; -at~ A) AC e | dicit~ f

sub lingua (sublingua B) BC f | sub lĩgua A | sub lingula e

saliuarum AC e | saluiarum (-rum B) B f

ut om. B ef


Ranula and ranunculus {(lit.) "little frog"} is the name of a fleshy growth under the tongue, which is heavy and causes flowing of saliva almost at the root of the tongue, and it feels as if there is another tongue growing.


Latin ranula and ranunculus are diminutive forms of rana "frog".

The word has survived into modern medical terminology, cf. Martin (1985: 525) ranula "...a cyst found under the tongue, formed when the duct leading from a salivary or mucous gland is obstructed and distended". Cf. also [[1]].

Wilf Gunther 23/01/14

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