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Rotab arabice dactili qui et tamar vocantur et aliis pluribus nominibus secundum diversitates specierum eorum ex parte maturitatis formarum et regionum etiam vocantur.


Rotab is not rubricated in B, it is placed in the paragraoh beginning with Rosago.

tamar AC e | thamar B | camar f ('t' misread as 'c')

eorum om. e


Rotab is Arabic for Latin dactili {"dates"}, which are also called tamar in Arabic and by many other names according to the difference of their kind depending partly on ripeness, shapes and regions.


Wehr (1976): ﺭﻁﺐ /ruṭab/ "fresh, ripe dates"; ﺗﻣﺮ /tamr/ "dates, esp. dried ones".

See also Dactilos, Tamar

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