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Samag arabice gummi arabicum.


gummi (gũmi AC f) AC fj | gũi B ep
{gummi} arabicum add. j and added by a different hand: vide Dafernon.


Samag is Arabic for Latin gummi arabicum {"gum arabic"}.


Wehr (1976): ﺼﻤﻎ /ṣamġ/ "mucilage"; /ṣamġ ʕarabī/ ﺼﻤﻎ ﻋﺭﺑﻰ {"gum arabic"}.

A vocalisation much closer to Simon’s is found in the Vocabulista glossary of Andalusi Arabic: ed. Schiaparelli (1871: 131): ﺼﻤﻎ /ṣamġ/ [[1]], but (1871: 411): GUMI ﺼﻤﻎ /ṣamaġ/ [[2]].
The vocalisation /ṣamaġ/ is also attested in de Alcalá (1883: 262): "goma sudor de arbol" {i.e. "gum, exudation from trees"} çámag [[3]],
and as late as in the early 17th c. in Spain by the Morisco community, cf. Karbstein (2002: 217: 2) Gummi arabicum ﺻﻤﻎ ﻋﺮﺑﻰ /ṣamaġ ʕarabī/.

WilfGunther 26/05/2014

See also: Gummi arabicum, Daferuon

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