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Sarcocolen vocant greci carnositatem inter tunicas testiculorum ortam, Cornelius celsus.


carnositatem ABC efj | carnoitatẽ p {printer's error}


Sarcocolen is the name the Greeks give to a fleshy excrescence that has grown between the layers of the testicles according to Cornelius Celsus.


Simon is referring to Celsus, 7, 18, 10, ed. Spencer (1935-8: III.398), where it says: Raro sed alquando caro quoque inter tunicas increscit: sarcocelen Graeci vocant – "Sometimes, though rarely, a fleshy excrescence grows up between the layers of the testicle walls, and this the Greeks call sarcocele.
This text is also available online in the Teubner edition 7, 18,10, ed. Marx (1915: 337) [[1]].

Greek σαρκοκήλη /sarkokḗlē/ is a compound noun consisting of σαρξ /sarx/ {"flesh"}, in compounds σαρκο- /sarko-/, + κηλη /kḗlē/ "tumour, esp. rupture, hernia" (LSJ)
The word is found in Celsus, Galen and Theodorus Priscianus.

Simon’s form: Sarcocolen is contaminated with the word σαρκοκόλλα /sarkokólla/ "a Persian gum", the topic of the preceding entry Sarcocolla. The final 'n' of Sarcocolen imitates the Greek accusative sg. σαρκοκήλην /sarkokḗlēn/, depending on vocant.

Sarcocele is a somewhat obsolete term in today’s medical terminology denoting a fleshy swelling of the testicle like a tumour, which at times can distort the size of the scrotum.

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