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Sauf vel suf arabice lana.


Sauf ABC ejp | Sanf f {'u' misread as 'n'}
vel | ut B
arabice | ē {= est} j


Sauf or suf is Arabic for Latin lana {"wool"}.


Sauf/ suf:
Cf. Wehr (1976): ﺻﻮﻑ /ṣūf/ "wool".
Simon lists two forms of the lemma with ﺻﻮﻑ /ṣūf/ being the classical form.
However in the Vocabulista glossary from Spain two vocalisations are mentioned, ed. Schiaparelli (1871: 131): ﺻﻮﻑ /ṣūf/ or /ṣauf/ Lana [[1]; but (1871: 449) only: LANA ﻑﻮﺻ /ṣūf/ [[2]].
See also Corriente (1997: 313) s.v. *(ṢWF).

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