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Scahair vel melius xahair arabice ordeum omnia huiusmodi arabica que per sem litteram scribuntur maxime approximant prolationi arabice si per .x. scribantur.


Scahair ABC fj | Scahir ep
{Scahair} arabice add. f
melius om. j
xahair | xahar p
Omnia rubricated in p
huiusmodi | huius B f
{arabice} que om. e
sem ACD | scim B efjp
maxime ACD e | magis B jp | >strike>q̃re</strike> ma͡g f
approximant AC e | aproximant B fjp
prolationi ABC p | prolaciõi efj
si | sʒ {= sed} f
per .x. ABCD ejp | per l x ms. f | pro .x. B
scribantur ACD ej | scribuntur B | scribat~ j | scr͞i͞b͞i f


Scahair or better xahair is Arabic for Latin ordeum {"barley"}; all the Arabic words written with the letter sem {= ﺷﻴﻦ /šīn/} most closely reflect the Arabic pronunciation when they are written with "x".


Scahair vel melius xahair
Wehr (1976): ﺷﻌﻳﺮ /šaʕīr/ "barley; barleycorn". Siggel (1950: 46): ﺷﻌﻳﺮ /šaʕīr/ Hordeum (Gram.), Gerste {i. e. "barley"}.
This is one of the many attempts by Simon to represent the Arabic word ﺷﻌﻳﺮ /šaʕīr/.

Simon here speaks of ﺶ, ﺷﻴﻦ šīn, the 13th letter of the Arabic alphabet, representing the initial sound as e.g. in English "she".

For the history of writing "x" for /š/ see X littera, 2) Arabic.

WilfGunther (talk) 14:24, 26 September 2016 (BST)

See also: Krithe, Sair, Scheair, Xahair. Not to be confused with Scahar

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